Give Trust, Gain Strength

The more I trust in the universe, the more it continues to surprise me. I’ve realized that it’s easy to trust in the universe when life is going swimmingly, but what about the dark moments when we feel like we have no control over a particular situation and everything seems to be crumbling? Isn’t that when we should be trusting in the universe and it’s Divine Guidance even more? The universe is like a twisted girlfriend who tests her man so she knows it’s real LOL. You can view is as comical, or completely sinister! But on serious note, what is faith without a test? In school, we take tests on paper to see if we have faith in our learned knowledge. In life, we are tested to see if we have faith in our guided wisdom, through our experiences. The reason why the universe is always testing us is because it needs to know that we trust in Divine timing, miracles, magic, and the overall unfolding of our individual life stories. It needs to know that we trust in the metaphysical aspects of life that we cannot see with the physical eye, but with our consciousness. It does this so we can see the BIG PICTURE- that there is more to life than our egos, and it’s not the only thing in charge here.

When unfavorable events happen to us, sometimes the last thing that comes to mind is to keep faith and stay positive. It is important to feel and then heal from any situation. Take time to sit with your emotions after you’ve experienced something traumatic. It’s perfectly normal and beautiful to cry, get frustrated, and let out your emotions. I mean if you don’t, you’d probably be considered a psychopath. However, from my personal experiences, I can say this- if you keep a little light at the end of the tunnel, if you keep faith and a positive thought in the back of your mind while you’re balling your eyes out, you will train your mind to be more resilient. You will leave the situation with an understanding that whatever happens to us is not actually happening TO us, but more so happening THROUGH us so we can gain strength. Give trust and gain strength.
And always remember, THE UNIVERSE LOVES YOU! It would never put anything in your life that you couldn’t handle.

With deep gratitude,
Metaphysical Goddess

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