About Me

Thank you for stumbling upon my site! My name is Navjot Kaur Dhaliwal and I am a mindset coach, certified yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner. Read more about me here:

Navjot Kaur Dhaliwal was born and raised in Southern California. She began her meditation journey in 2012 when she knew she was in need of deep healing after recognizing the lies she had been told her whole life about relationships, money, success, schooling, and work. 

After graduating from UC Irvine in 2013 with a degree in Psychology and Social Behavior with a minor in Philosophy, she knew her path was not going to be a normal one. Growing up in an Indian family, she became more interested in the depth of her culture and wisdom from her ancestors. Studying meditation techniques, natural medicine, and plant-based diets became her interests. 

She is fascinated with the body’s unique intelligence and ability to heal through natural remedies and pranayama (breathwork). While she was living in Santa Monica, she took her first Bhakti yoga class, where she fell in love with yoga and its roots. Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion, and through her practice she has definitely become devoted! After completing her 200 hour registered yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, she knew that she was meant to share the gifts of this transformative practice with the world. 

Navjot is a healer looking to awaken the inner healer in all of us.