About Me

My name is Navjot Kaur Dhaliwal and I help individuals build the confidence they need to create positive change in their lives!

Because no matter what it is that you want to create… whether it be manifesting abundance, changing careers, leaving a toxic relationship, creating a more empowering friend group, slaying that interview, you need unshakable confidence to make it happen!

You have to confidently let the universe know that you want this change with your thoughts, words, and actions. Resistance will always show up, especially when we are showing the universe that we want to create something new for ourselves. The first place resistance shows up is in our subconscious programming. Our built-up thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about ourselves. But resistance only comes up because it is how the universe tests us to see how strong we are in our new belief that this positive change is for our greater good! That it will lead us to experiencing more joy, freedom, and abundance!

If any of this excites you and you are looking to create positive change in your life, schedule a call with me HERE. I want to hear your story and what you are calling in to your life right now!